10 Pieces of New England Patriots Trivia

Here are some interesting tidbits about the New England Patriots!


  • The Patriots organization began as the “Boston Patriots,” and they were founded as part of the American Football League on November 16, 1959.
  • The team was shortly called the Bay State Patriots. This had to change because of the unintended abbreviation, BS Patriots.
  • Vladimir Putin apparently stole one of Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl rings, almost causing an international incident.
  • George R.R. Martin wrote the New England Patriots into Game of Thrones.
  • On a harsh, wintry day in 1982, snowplow operator Mark Henderson become a New England folk hero by clearing a patch of field for Patriots kicker John Smith, whose late field goal slew the visiting Miami Dolphins. Incidentally, at the time, Henderson was there on work release from prison.
  • In 1995, the Montreal Expos drafted Tom Brady as a catcher.
  • Each of New England’s three Super Bowl victories was decided by three points.
  • Head coach Bill Belichick—who won two Super Bowl titles as an assistant coach with the Giants and three as head coach of the Pats—owns a boat he calls “V Rings.”
  • The franchise claimed 21-straight regular and postseason wins from 2003-2004, an NFL record.
  • The year 1990 was unkind to New England football fans. Not only did the Patriots amass a franchise-worst 1-15 record, but in 11 of those losses, they never even led once.

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