5 Disaster Prep Hacks

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on our state, we decided to switch gears and focus on some preparedness tips.

Make an emergency candle in case of a power outage.

Instructables.com user “Aldedor” shares this DIY video on how to make emergency candles in case of long power outages.

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Use a flashlight to light an entire room

Shining a flashlight through a translucent container of water will diffuse the beam and can light an entire room.

Make sure your cold food doesn't go bad in a power outtage

A glass of frozen water with a coin on top placed in the freezer will help you tell if you’ve lost power after evacuation. If you come back to your home and find the coin at the bottom of the glass, the power was out long enough for frozen food to thaw and possibly spoil.

Stock up on batteries

It is important to stock up on clean drinking water when faced with a possible weather emergency but extra batteries will also come in handy during extended power outages.

Create a emergency supply kit for the family and pets

In an emergency situation it’s best to be prepared. Click below to download the official FEMA emergency kit checklist for children and adults. ┬áDon’t forget about pets. Pack a tote with extra blankets, pet food, medication, and anything else your pet will need to be safe and happy should you be forced to evacuate.

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