Baileys Releases New Line of Non-Alcoholic Coffee Creamers

Baileys, the makers of the Original Irish Cream and premium coffee creamers, is releasing a brand new line of non-alcoholic coffee creamers to celebrate the new year. This year Baileys has released a new line of coffee creamers with a reinvented recipe.  You can pick up the new Baileys Vanilla Cream, Mocha Mudslide, or the Original Irish Cream coffee creamers, with a MSRP of $3.99 at select grocers. The new Baileys flavors can be used for much more than coffee as well.  Baileys has shared recipes for The Original Irish Cream Cupcakes, Vanilla Cream Waffles, and Mocha Mudslide Chocolate Truffles.

Baileys Irish Cream
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Since its 1974 launch in Ireland, Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, with a smooth blend of Irish cream and whiskey, has been adding a little kick to late night (or early morning) coffees and spicing up pints of stout at bars around the world. Whether you prefer your Baileys with a kick or sans alcohol you owe it to yourself to give their new flavors a try.