Beer Pong Golf: Born Right Here in South Carolina!

This new game is set to take over a bars and backyards around the world and it was born here in South Carolina

We met with Cade Cassidy and Mark Saleeby for a quick round of golf… beer pong golf.
The story behind the birth of beer pong golf is as good as the product itself.

Mr. Saleeby was doing big business on Wall Street but a trip to his birthplace, here in South Carolina, brought about a change of heart that has already changed the life of his 17-year-old cousin, Cade Cassidy.

“I have money in the bank, suits in my closet, but nothing actually really meaningful” -Saleeby

After losing his mother, Mark decided to stay in Hartsville and invest in his family. Mark encouraged Cade, who was struggling in school at the time, to come up with an idea and together they would make it a reality. With Cade’s creativity and Mark’s resources and experience the first product was born… the “LED Tactical Lite Gloves”.

With some practical business experience under his belt, Cade was ready for the next big idea.

This time, it was Beer Pong Golf and following a very successful Kickstarter campaign Beer Pong Golf is coming to a bar or backyard near you.

Under Mark’s mentorship, Cade has found direction in his life turning his grades around, working hard to support the family Army Navy Store in Hartsville, and looking forward to attending college.

Check these guys out for yourself

“Need to practice your short game? Well if you can make it in a cup you can make it in a hole. For those of you who drink… Well if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. The tour is calling.” -Cade Cassidy