The Belgian Waffle Truck has a Waffle for any Occasion!

Belgian waffles are pretty great but do they need their own food truck? The answer is ABSOLUTELY and Chef Jean-Louis and his wife Yvette Ledent are the perfect team to bring it to you.

The Belgian Waffle is pretty great, but the Ledents take a traditional breakfast item and create delicious dishes great for any time.

In our video, Chef Jean-Louis makes a customer the “breakfast waffle” with a fried egg, pork sausage and their famous white gravy (at 8 pm by the way) but you’ll find all sorts of Belgian Waffle treats on their menu.

The “oufti” waffle is made with a goat cheese spread, lettuce, duck and chicken confit, and an onion jam.

The vegetarian waffle is a veggie burger, you know, with Belgian waffles for buns.

If you want sweet rather than savory, the Belgian Waffle Truck’s signature waffle is the “strawbwaffle” with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and Nutella.

You can’t really go wrong with these guys, there’s a waffle to fit every mood. Check them out here!