Columbia’s Own- Copper Horse Distilling

Copper Horse Distilling has been making local craft spirits since its founding in 2012.


Located downtown, on Huger Street, the Copper Horse’s stills create top quality spirits made with exclusively local ingredients.

Currently, Copper Horse Distilling produces their Old Mill Vodka, Copper Cream Whiskey, Copper Horse Rum, Bulle Rock Gin (a must try!), a still-aging bourbon (coming soon), and an insanely hot vodka, infused with Carolina Reaper and Ghost peppers.

The distillery also produces their own liquor infused coffee, which will surely go great with their Copper Cream Whiskeys!

Copper Horse offers complimentary tours and tastings at the distillery on Friday and Saturday evenings.

These guys are the real deal, and the passion that they put into creating their spirits shows with every sip of the final product!

Check them out right here!

If distilled spirits aren’t your thing, don’t worry, Palmetto Weekend’s “Everything Wine” series will do the trick!