Do you know the history behind the bow tie?

Aug. 28 is National Bow Tie Day and yes, there’s is a backstory to the fashionable ornament donned by both men and woman.

According to the official National Bow Tie Day website, the origin of the bow tie comes from the 17th century when French soldiers returning home from the Thiry Years’ War, borrowing a look from Croatian soldiers who used this form of a necktie to keep the collars of their shirts together.

Then, Pierre Lorillard, a tobacco magnate, wore the design to the Tuxedo Club, and the look became a big hit with his elite friends.

“The bow tie has been worn by great American bow tie connoisseurs such as Sinatra and Martin, Jerry Lewis, Humphrey Bogart, Orville Redenbacher, Colonel Sanders, Barney Fife, Charlie Chaplin, Pee-wee Herman and Bill Nye-the Science Guy. The bow tie has found itself as a compliment to many design styles,” the website says.

And America is not the only country to celebrate the bow tie – in Croatia, Oct. 18 is Cravat Day commemorating Croatia’s part in the history of this men’s accessory.

Here are some more fun facts on the bow tie to tie this day together: