10 Fun Facts about the Atlanta Falcons

Impress your friends with this list of Falcon’s trivia!


  • The Atlanta Falcons were established by Rankin Smith in 1965. Rankin was 41 years old and paid the highest fee in NFL history (at the time) for the franchise.
  • From 1966 to 1991 the Atlanta Falcons home field was the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. From 1992 until present the home field has been the Georgia Dome. A new state-of-the-art stadium is being built, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
  • It is estimated that the new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons will cost $1.4 billion. The stadium is also going to be used for a Major League Soccer team in Atlanta.
  • Tie games are rare in professional football but the Atlanta Falcons had two of them in 1970.
  • Hollywood actor Samuel Jackson worked at the Fulton County Stadium as a vendor during Atlanta Falcons games, prior to 1991.
  • The Atlanta Falcon’s mascot is named Freddie Falcon.
  • Tie games are somewhat rare in professional football, but during the 1970 season the Falcons had two of them in one year.
  • In 1996, after coming out of retirement to play for the Falcons at the age of 44, backup quarterback Steve Deberg became the oldest player to appear on the roster of a Super Bowl team.
  • The Falcons have always had either black or red helmets, in 1974 a design for a white helmet was unveiled but never used.
  • In the only season that Packer great Brett Favre was on the roster for the Falcons he threw 0 completions on 4 attempts with no touchdowns and 2 interceptions.