FEMA opens its Hurricane Florence rumor control to combat internet nonsense and misinformation

Severe weather can drive the silliest thought into a full-blown storm of confusion and misinformation to people who need accuracy – especially in evacuation zones.

FEMA tweeted Wednesday that they’ve set up their rumor control page on their website to combat bad information that may be shared on social media.

“We have created a rumor control page for Hurricane #Florence that will be updated regularly. During disasters, it’s critical to avoid spreading false information. Always check with official sources before sharing,” the agency wrote on Twitter.

Here are some of the questions featured:

  • Rumor: There Are Reports That All Emergency Shelters And Hotels Are Required To Accommodate Pets For People Who Have Evacuated.
  • Rumor: Service Animals Are Not Allowed In Shelters.
  • Rumor: Nearly $10M Was Diverted From FEMA’s Hurricane Relief Fund To U.S Immigration And Customs Enforcement.
  • Rumor: There Are Rumors That FEMA Has A Role In Enforcing Evacuation Orders.  This Is FALSE

As always, FEMA encourages residents to check with their local and state officials for the best information before sharing with others.

You can visit the website by clicking here.