FREE Circus at the SC State Fair this year!

The South Carolina State Fair will have a FREE daily Circus this year!

There will be three free shows every day of the fair at 2:30, 5:00 and 7:30pm.

The big top tent will be located at the former Pepsi Grandstand location, which is located beside the Ellison Building near the South Gate.

The Circus will feature exciting acts like:

The Globe of Death- Multiple motorcycles performing loops at high speeds inside a steel sphere cage.

The High Wire- A Columbian High Wire troupe will display incredible balance and breathtaking stunts high above the audience.

America’s Show Camels- A caravan of trained, rare, blue-eyed spotted Dromedary camels.

Human Foot Juggling- Performers dazzle with amazing concentration and coordination.

Stop by the big top and check out these amazing acts and more at the free circus when you make your visit to the SC State Fair this year!