It’s been a great year… Here are Your Favorite Videos from 2018

It's been an exciting year here at Palmetto Weekend.

Our job here is to give you great lifestyle and entertainment content so you know what's going on in and around the Midlands. It's been an honor to know that our content has received over 1.3 million page views this year alone, so we thought it would be a great idea to recap some of your favorite videos from Palmetto Weekend. Without further ado, here are the top five most viewed videos of 2018.

The Meg

#5 The Meg

Released in August of 2018, The Meg brought in $530 million at the box offices. For us, it was an opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the South Carolina State Museum’s collection of megalodon artifacts. This was also the debut of our new host, Jada Samuel. Jada embodies the spirit of Palmetto Weekend. As a Miss South Carolina contestant, Jada stays active in our community and brings a new set of great ideas to the table as our co-producer.

Check out “The Meg” here…

Learn more about the SC State Museum's monster shark collection here.

#4 The Brew Dawg Boat

Who doesn’t love to spend time on Lake Murray? Even if you don’t own a boat, there are multiple parks and beaches to enjoy. Lake Murray is truly one of Columbia’s brightest gems. This year, we met the Brew Dawg boat, Lake Murray’s only floating convenience store. Need some ice, towels, or some sweet treats? The Brew Dawg boat is at your beckoning call.


Get the whole story here

#3 The Lizard Man

2018 has definitely been a year of growth for Palmetto Weekend, both in the community and here at WIS TV. The Lizard Man was solely produced by Clint Stevenson, one of WIS’s marketing producers and co-star of Palmetto Weekend’s Lunch Meet. It’s always nice to get well-produced content without having to film, edit, or write.

Get the whole story on the Lizard Man here.

Paranormal Haunted House

#2 Ghost Hunting in Camden with "Beyond the Shadows" Paranormal Investigators

Halloween is always fun here at Palmetto Weekend. While this video was filmed live in 2017, it still was the second most viewed video of 2018. We grabbed a few of WIS TV’s production staff and went in search of the paranormal. What we found was… interesting. Do you believe?

Let's get scary!

#1 The Paw Paw Fruit

Creating content for Palmetto Weekend is a ton of fun, but we still have to pay the bills. To keep the lights on we produce lifestyle and entertainment related content for our fantastic sponsors. While on a shoot in the Upstate at Chattooga Belle Farms with the SC Department of Agriculture, we stumbled upon the Paw Paw fruit and the rest was history. It’s our goal to try and find out what you, the viewer, want to see but this one is hard to explain. Stay tuned for more obscure fruit videos. 😉

Here it is ladies and gentleman... the Paw Paw Fruit

We had a blast in 2018 and are looking forward to a great new year. We have some new technology coming our way that will make your Palmetto Weekend experience even better... Stay tuned.