How to make the best milkshake with Brain Freeze LLC!

What started as an Italian Ice Dream in New York City came to fruition here in Columbia, first as a traveling food cart and now as West Columbia’s newest brick and mortar frozen treat shop.

14 years ago Kia Usher traveled to New York City and fell in love with Italian ice. After years of research and preparation, Kia and her husband started selling Italian ice on the weekends.

Residents of our famously hot city fell in love and after a short while Kia made the decision to resign from her job at a big bank and focus on the dream full time.

Brain Freeze LLC. on Knox Abbot is the brick and mortar iteration of that dream, and it is delicious. You can get Italian ice, ice cream, milkshakes, homemade kettle corn, cotton candy, and more… They also have a selection of fidget spinners to satisfy your inner child or your actual child.

We love supporting local family owned business and Brain Freeze is easy to love… give them a try!