New Cayce distillery’s going to have a July soft opening for their hard liquor!

Sharpe's Creations and its co-owners have been working on a special new addition to their campus in the form of Southern Essence Distilling and they plan on having a soft opening for the newest liquor in Cayce on July 13 and yes, that's a Friday.

While Jason Vorhees might not show up to get a glass of their cordials, brandy, rum, and vodka, you can get a taste of what they've been cooking up in their micro-distillery.

Each quarter, we will make a little whiskey and age it in oak barrels from Blackwater Barrels, a local cooperage.
We will capture the essence of the seasons for our cordials and brandies. As fruits and some vegetables come into season we will distill out their essence for our spirits. - Southern Essence Distilling's Facebook

The Sharpes, Venetia and John, also plan to try and produce everything as environmentally-friendly as they can, including using solar to warm still to around 120-140 degrees before turning up the heat to push it 40-50 degrees beyond that.

You can get a glimpse of everything cooking at Southern Essence Distilling from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 904 Frink St. in Cayce!