New Poke’ Spot Coming to Columbia This Fall!

We stumbled upon a storefront on Huger St. today with this sign in the window. A crew was working on the interior of the place when we took a quick peek through the windows. The Freshe Poke’ website looks to be under construction as well. does give us some more clues about the new joint, however.

The site tells us they are coming “Fall 2017” with an Irmo¬†location in the works as well. We are also really excited by the “Order Online” tab which is also under construction on the site…

Oh, how we pray they will offer delivery to the downtown area!

While the website currently doesn’t share a contact phone number we reached out by email to get more information on the¬†new place, but we are excited to share what we’ve found out already!

This is our kind of investigative journalism!

If you can’t wait for Freshe Poke to open this fall, head down to Five points or 378 in Lexington between Lexington Place and Lexington Pavillion shopping centers and check out Poke’ Bros.

If you like sushi, you’re going to have to try poke’!
While sushi comes to us from Japan, poke’ is a raw fish salad from the other side of the Pacific in Hawaii.

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Here’s how to catch you own!