Try these Four New Rides at this Year’s SC State Fair!

New ride, Frisbee, at SC State Fair

When the South Carolina State Fair comes around, kids and adults of all ages look forward to the rides and games! Games like darts and water gun races are fair traditions. Everyone loves to see the fair from above on the Skyglider! You'll find rides that are fast, slow, daring and daunting! Check out these four new rides.


You want fast?! The Frisbee is fast! With its extraordinary size and power, this ride guarantees a sensational experience with speed, acceleration and airtime. Soar 44 feet in the air as four gigantic legs hold a mighty pendulum that swings side to side while accelerating up to 50 miles per hour.





Wet Boats

Aren’t these the cutest little boats ever?! Each of these six boats is decorated with beautiful nautical decals and cruises around a water filled path. Kids will love this one!

Red Baron

We’re flying high in the Red Baron! These two passengers plane-shaped vehicles that rotate in a clockwise motion. Kids will squeal in delight as they go up and down, pretending to fly about 2 meters from the ground.

Jumpin Jumbo

Wave your trunks in the air! The brilliant colors and bright lights on this kiddie attraction are sure to leave a smile on your little one’s face. This ride sends up to 20 passengers pinning in delight high up in the air.