Blue Bell Ice Cream’s newest flavor has been unveiled

Ice cream lovers, rejoice!

Blue Bell has announced their newest ice cream flavor. It’s Cookie Cake Ice Cream!

The newest flavor includes sweet ice cream with chocolate chip cookie cake pieces and swirls of chocolate and vanilla icing. So, if you’re a fan of chocolate, this is for you!

“We have made many flavors that combine cookie or cake pieces with our ice cream, but this is our first cookie cake,” said Joe Robertson, executive director of advertising and marketing for Blue Bell. “The cookie cake pieces are delicious. They are chewy and loaded with chocolate chips. The chocolate and vanilla icing swirls are the finishing touches in every bite. ”

The new Cookie Cake flavor now comes in a half-gallon and pint container, but they’re only going to be around for a limited time.

Blue Bell’s Cookie Cake Ice Cream will be arriving in stores starting today.