Palmetto Weekend’s 5 Top Consumer Fireworks Picks!

This year, we get our top five fireworks picks from Casey's Fireworks in Columbia. These guys are the consumer fireworks experts and here's why...

We spoke with John Casey, 4th generation owner of Casey’s Fireworks, and got the low down on what fireworks give you the most BANG for your buck.
Casey’s opened on Rosewood Drive 70 years ago and has made a name for itself when it comes to fireworks in South Carolina and around the world.  People from all over the country come to Casey’s year-round to buy fireworks because that’s where their parents went to buy fireworks.  If it weren’t for John Casey’s grandfather, who fought to keep fireworks legal in South Carolina all the way to our state’s Supreme Court, we wouldn’t be able to bring you this list and chances are you wouldn’t be able to purchase consumer fireworks at all.
So, without further ado… Here is our list of top five fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July

#1 5″ Neon Super Shells

When it comes to mortars “fireworks that are launched through the air from a tube on the ground” Excalibur is by far the best we’ve seen, that is until we met the 5″ Neon Super Shell. The Neon Super Shells are an inch bigger than last years favorite mortar, Excalibur.  This will most definitely wake the neighbors up.

#2 Invasion

When we told Mr. Casey our second pick last year was the 100 shot “Saturn Missile Battery” he said to check out “Invasion”. These guys “scream” and “Invasion” has 650 more mini-rockets that are guaranteed to wow your crowd.

#3 Rapid Fire Roman Candle

Not your average roman candle. These things are around 3 feet long and put out over 200 separate shots.

#4 Wicked Awesome

Wicked Awesome is a fireworks show in a box. This one has 500 grams of explosives and puts on a great show with rockets and exploding shells.

#5 Nuclear Destruction

Nuclear Destruction: All the fun of mortar-type fireworks without the having to reload and light a ton of fuses. Nuclear Destruction comes with 9 3″ mortar shells.

Check out Casey’s Fireworks on Rosewood Drive in Columbia for a massive selection of fireworks year round.
Casey’s will also design custom displays for large events and even has a section of no-noise fireworks for those with sensitive ears.
Click Below to head to their website!

Enjoy your 4th of July fireworks safely and responsibly!