Pelican’s SnoBalls Top 10 Tasty Flavors

Remember, its not a snow cone, its a snoball. As Pelicans Snoballs owner Matthew Markham tells us in our Palmetto Weekend feature, the New Orleans style summer treat is fluffier, tastier, and more flavorful than your traditional snow cone. With a menu of over 100 flavors from cotton candy to dill pickle Pelicans can give you what you need to escape our famous southern heat. If you need some help deciding, here is a list of Pelicans top 10 flavors...

1. Blue Raspberry

Pelican’s says it taste like the Blow PopĀ© of the same flavor.

2. Cherry

With 4 different cherry flavors on the menu Pelican’s knows how to make the best out of a tasty situation.

3. Polar Punch

Polar Punch, according to our menu, is like a light blue raspberry and very good.

4. Butterfly Kiss

Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy flavors topped with a butterfly gummy.

5. Maggie Waggie

Maui Wowee and Sour Tsunami flavors with gummy worms… We have no idea.

6. Snocream

Like ice cream, but in the snow.

7. Watermelon

We cant think of a better way to cool off in the summer.

8. Shark Attack

Sour Tsunami, Tigers Blood, and a shark gummy… another favorite for the kids.

9. Strawberry Lemonade

Pink Lemonade and Strawberry flavors mixed up.

10. Strawberry Cheesecake

Pelican’s has five different strawberry flavors, this one is mixed with their cheesecake flavoring as well… yum!

Pelicans has locations all over the south east, even sneaking one store into Pennsylvania, to find one near you check out and let us know your favorite flavor!