Prepare Your Tummy for Four New Foods at the South Carolina State Fair

The rides at the South Carolina State Fair are awesome! However, we all know the real reason that people come to the fair.... the FOOD! It's the rare time of year when you indulge in all of your favorite fried and sugary foods. Your summer body goals are a distant memory and your healthy conscious doesn't seem to be doing its job. This year, at the South Carolina State Fair, you'll find funnel cakes, hot dogs, candy apples and FOUR new foods!

Red Beans & Rice Sundae

This treat features sautéed onions and peppers, diced tomatoes, red beans, chorizo sausage, spices, and sweet corn. It is mixed with red rice and topped with a choice of Sirloin steak, Cajun shrimp, grilled chicken tenders, or pulled pork.

Frito Chili Pie Burger

This is not your average burger! This grilled burger is topped with chili and finished with Fritos Corn Chips.

Maple Cotton Candy

This cotton candy is made with something a little sweeter… It’s made with maple sugar!

Apple Dumpling

Just in time for fall, these Red Delicious apples are peeled and cored and then wrapped in a flaky pie crust. They are oven baked and served with a caramel cinnamon sauce and vanilla ice cream. Yum!