Pringles is Offering Thanksgiving Dinner in a Can

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Pringles is releasing their Thanksgiving Dinner flavored chips. The holiday dinner flavored chips will consist of three smaller individual cans each with its own Thanksgiving flavor sold together in one package. The Thanksgiving dinner package will consist of turkey flavored Pringles, stuffing flavored Pringles, and pumpkin pie flavored Pringles. According to Pringles Twitter account they “packed everything you love about Thanksgiving into our limited edition Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner, and removed everything you don’t – like your 27th year at the kids’ table.”

Source: @pringles on Twitter

Don’t run out to your local grocery store just yet, because the Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles will not be available in stores. According to online reports, you will only be able to buy the seasonal treat at the Kellogs Store in the very near future.

The Thanksgiving Dinner chips are not new for Pringles, last year they introduced the holiday chips in eight different flavors with very limited availability. The flavors tested last year were, Turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, creamed, corn, green bean casserole, mac & cheese, and pumpkin pie.

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