Record heat + Coors Light= free beer

This June, Coors Light will be giving away free beer to cities that hit record breaking temperatures throughout the month and the Capital City is included.

If and when a record is broken in Columbia, ICF Next will send out a list of bars where locals can get a completely free, cold Coors Light. The city that shatters the biggest record will receive a visit from the Coors Light’s Coldstream.

The Coldstream is a converted Airstream that’s been modified to offer refreshment on the go. The Coldstream has multiple tap handles that include partially frozen Coors Light, mist sprayers and other gadgets.  ICF Next will provide details and a formal announcement at the end of June to the market that breaks the biggest record.

The cities on ICF Next’s possible record breaking list are:

Albuquerque, NM

Austin, TX

Buffalo, NY

Columbia, SC

Las Vegas, NV

Lincoln, NE

Nashville, TN

Pittsburgh, PA

Tampa, FL

Washington D.C.

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