Rocket Fizz is the Vista’s new candy store that the ENTIRE family will love

A new candy store just opened up downtown, and we were the first to check them out. Here's what we found.

Rocket Fizz has over 100 locations across the country. Rocket Fizz is based out of California but you can find a store in just about every state in the country.

The concept is obviously working and we love it. Rocket Fizz really does have something for everyone. There are tons of different candies, gag gifts, posters and wall signs, and over 400 flavors of sodas.

Adults love Rocket Fizz for the nostalgic items like Nehi soda and candies that are no longer making it to grocery store shelves and kids love it for the insane amount of sugar they can procure, we love it because even though its a rather large chain, the company does a really great job of setting up their stores to make you feel right at home and Columbia’s store totally matches the Gervais St. vibe.

There are other local candy stores in Columbia and we love all of them but Rocket Fizz is brand new and we knew we had to check them out and let you guys, our loyal viewers, in on the new spot in town.

You can learn more about Rocket Fizz on their website here and if you’re one of our many viewers that are not in the Columbia metro area, I’m sure you can find a Rocket Fizz near you.

You can also check out an episode of Undercover Boss featuring Rocket Fizz’s President and Co-Founder Rob goes undercover to meet his employees on their homepage.

Just remember, too much sugar is bad for you so go easy on the pickle flavored sodas!