Sample the South at These 5 Columbia Breweries

If you're a beer drinker, we think it's safe to assume that you have that one go-to favorite. Why not expand your horizons with tastes straight from the source at these Columbia breweries!

Conquest Brewing Company

From the website…

“We at Conquest Brewing Company continue the proud tradition of so many saints and vagabonds, lords and serfs before us: the tradition of crafting, and enjoying, the most complex and inviting, the most approachable and esoteric beverages the world has ever known.”

Whether ye be lord, serf, saint or vagabond, Conquest Brewing is sure to please.

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Hunter-Gatherer Brewery and Ale House

Located at 900 Main St. just behind the state house, the Hunter Gatherer has been producing world class beer for over 20 years. The Hunter Gatherer is currently renovating one of the few standing Curtis-Wright aircraft hangars at Owens Field in Columbia to expand operations.



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River Rat Brewery

Founded in 2013 and named for the three rivers that converge near Columbia and those who made their living by those waters. River Rat Brewery crafts five permanent beers, including the Broad River Red Ale, and rotates out a selection of seasonal ales.

The front porch seating area is pet friendly with a cold bowl of water to quench Fido’s thirst while you enjoy the brews.


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Swamp Cabbage Brewing Company

Columbia’s newest dedicated brewery, celebrating their second anniversary, Swamp Cabbage Brewing Company is named after the SC state tree the Sabal Palm aka (Swamp Cabbage).

With six beers in the regular lineup and a summer seasonal out now head over to Swamp Cabbage Brewing now!

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Twisted Spur Brewing

Also brand new in town is the Twisted Spur Brewery and Restaurant. The Twisted Spur’s brew literally comes from the brewery just behind the bar to your glass, how is that for fresh and local.

We talked with Owner and Head Brewer, Chris Baldwin, on one of the Palmetto Weekends first features Brew 101- Lagers and Ales


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