Add a little sauce to your Christmas – Taco Bell’s online shop features spicy gifts for the holidays

We all know someone who LOVES Taco Bell, so why not give them something they can wear this holiday season (other than a hot sauce stain.)

Items on the Taco Shop website are selling fast, so many things are already sold out – like the super fun jumpsuit pajamas with hoods (please restock ASAP!). But there are still a few unique gifts you can get your hands on!

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Hot sauce pajama shorts, mugs, and a hot sauce packet pillow are among items that are still available. There are also Taco Bell-themed greeting cards if you just want to add a little extra spice to other gifts.

The taco shop still has unique gifts in stock. (

You’ll be glad to see that items come in well under $100.

So get them while they’re hot! These hilarious gifts will be gone soon.