Teen blogger from SC becomes a published author

A Lexington, SC teen turned to blogging as a way to express and share. Blogging turned into a world of opportunity.

Lauren Faith turned to blogging during a time when she wasn’t able to keep up with her friends and family face to face. After watching the Netflix Original Series, 13 Reasons Why, Lauren decided to write and publish a blog post called 13 Reasons Why Not. The blog post listed thirteen reasons that everyone’s life mattered using biblical references, quotes and personal stories. The post went viral!

In fact, WIS was Lauren’s first interview. Click to see the original story here.

Months later, Lauren was writing and her words turned into paragraphs and her paragraphs turned into to topics and those topics turned into a book. Living Out Transparent Faith is now on Amazon and on eBook.

Be sure to read Lauren’s blog and find an inspirational message to feed your soul. laurenfaithm.com