Lake Murray’s Only Waterborne Convenience Store Will Change How You Party on Water!

There's nothing better than a day spent partying on the lake but what if you run out of towels, ice, drinks, or worse, DNR stops you and you don't have an approved "efficient sound producing device"... Brew Dawg Boat has you covered!

We met Chip Maginnis, owner of the Brew Dawg Boat, while filming another story on the lake and immediately knew we’d have to talk to him about his unique, brand new, business.

The Brew Dawg Boat has been a dream of Chip’s for a long time, selling cold adult beverages to Lake Murray party people but, as we’ve learned from other alcohol entrepreneurs, there is A LOT of red tape to go through when obtaining proper licensing. When you factor in the whole waterborne aspect of a floating libations store things get even more difficult to work out with the law, but Chip Maginnis doesn’t give up that easy.

Currently, the Brew Dawg Boat does not sell alcoholic beverages on the lake (the buzzpops are considered food… we’ll let you do your own research on that) but Chip’s got any other necessity one might need for a smooth day on the lake.  From ice, soft drinks, snacks, and hot dogs to towels, life jackets, and DNR approved “efficient sound producing devices,” the Brew Dawg Boat has you covered.

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