The Lunch Meet Boys Head to the Columbia Fireflies’ Stadium to taste… Crickets?

When it comes to your favorite ballpark foods, you probably don’t have crickets anywhere near your list. But for Columbia Fireflies fans that may be about to change.

The Fireflies are teaming up with Terminix to offer free, edible, BBQ-flavored crickets to fans at their home games on Sunday, July 22nd and Sunday, Aug. 12.
We were extremely curious about how these crickets tasted, so we headed over to Spirit Communications Park to give them a try.
Kevin Hathorne, Technical Director at Terminix Services Inc., greeted us from behind the “Terminix Tasties” kiosk and handed us a bag of crickets.  He comforted any last-minute jitters we had by reading us the ingredients off the back of the bag and confidently adding that “crickets are high in protein.”
We popped open the bag and cautiously crunched down on some crickets (they are really crunchy!).  To our surprise, eating crickets didn’t bug us!  They really weren’t bad, but they were a little dry.  Jared said it was like eating peanut shells.  Clint said they tasted like another popular baseball food, sunflower seeds.
Abby Naas, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for the Fireflies, says she’s been getting the players to try the crickets, and they could be catching on.  She said a particular pitcher liked them so much that he may have downed a whole bag of the critters.
Come and see what everyone is chirping about and try the BBQ-flavored crickets for yourself at the Fireflies’ home games on July 22 and Aug. 12!