The Lunch Meet Crew Heads to Drake’s Duck In: This is Episode 5!

You can often gauge a restaurant’s success by how long they’ve been around. And for Columbia icon Drake’s Duck In, they’ve been more successful than most.

Drake’s has been serving up some of the best soul food in Columbia for over 111 years. They opened their first location on Elmwood Avenue in 1907, but today the tradition continues right on Columbia’s Main Street.

Drake’s is famous for their fried chicken and cheeseburgers, but their signature fried chicken filet sandwich is the star of the show. It comes topped with pickles and mayonnaise, served on a bed of fries, and fried to perfection.

On our visit, we ordered a filet sandwich and a basket of wings. We were delighted to find that the filet sandwich comes with two pieces of meat: a filet and a chicken finger. And the wings aren’t the typical finger food items you find at some wing joints. These wings are the big boys and come served with Texas Pete hot sauce and a roll. One bite into our entrées proves why Drake’s has been thriving for over a century. They really know how to cook chicken. As their menu says, it’s “Quackin’ Good Food.”

The bottom line is: you won’t leave Drake’s hungry, and that’s by design. Drake’s Manager Edwina “Tiny” Harmon has been an employee for over 21 years and says that her goal has always been to keep customers satisfied with the amount of food that they get “not just sometimes, but all the time.” From our experience, she is certainly meeting her goal.

So, if you find yourself down on Main Street in Columbia, do yourself a favor and duck in at Drake’s for some of the best fried chicken in South Carolina!