Did you know about the Witches of Winnsboro?

Most of us have heard about the Salem witch trials but did you know that almost 100 years later Fairfield County, South Carolina had its own witch trials? Here is the story.

In the late 1600s, witchcraft hysteria began to run rampant in the village of Salem, Massachusetts, resulting in the hanging of several of the accused.
Almost 100 years later, in 1792, a similar witch hunt broke out in Fairfield County around the town of Winnsboro.

Mary Ingleman and three others were illegally tried in a local farmhouse and tortured. Court records show that Ms. Ingleman was able to successfully sue her persecutors and win a small settlement.

Although the fine was never paid, as the men found guilty of the illegal assault and battery of the accused witches fled the area, Mary Ingleman was allowed to live out her life until she eventually died of old age.