Tour Upstate South Carolina’s Historic Train

The Greenwood Train Museum

Season Starts May 4th 2019 – Open Saturdays 10-4PM. Call 864-229-7093 or visit

The Railroad Historical Center was established in 1970 with the intent of preserving the area and country’s railroad history, from the “Golden Age”, roughly 1900-1950. After spending years as a private collection in the rear of an Adams family property, the land and equipment was graciously donated to The Museum [of Greenwood] in 2005. Since then, the museum has worked on restoring the historic train, completing the final car just this spring. The Museum, with the able help of the Railroad Committee, oversees the upkeep and restoration of the site and its vintage equipment.

In 2018 the Railroad Historical Center proudly unveiled a new deck and accessibility lift to enable those who have difficulty climbing stairs to view the train. This has opened a bright new future, especially now that the engine and all 6 cars are finally restored both inside and out!


Great for a wedding, dinner party, or other social event! In the sleek lines of art deco, or the rich mahogany of a “land-yacht” the Railroad Historical Center is happy to help make that special event a little more unique. Contact us for more details and pricing! 864-229-7093.


Treat Mum to a scrumptious buffet and live entertainment. Sunday, the 12th of May 2019. Enjoy a mid day celebration with the historic railway equipment and fine food. Tickets are $50 for adults, $20 each for children 6-13, and those 5 and under are free.


What event comes to mind more than a romantic dinner when it comes to railroad travel in the 20th Century? Dinner served by crisp white shirted waiters in a Pullman built restaurant car is not a thing of the past however, the Railroad Historical Center is happy to transport several dozen lucky guests back to a finer era.


Kids love trains? Bring them down to the Railroad Historical Center as part of the annual railroad summer camp and they can enjoy classic camp fun and authentic railroad activities, with fun and unique rail opportunities, and a train ride, on an operating railroad. 17th-21st of June 2019.


Take a magical “journey” in the heated cars of the Railroad Historical Center in Greenwood. Includes a “trip” to the North Pole, with a surprise visitor, hot cocoa and treats on the diner, and the famous story told on the passenger car, one of the few surviving 1930s prototype lightweight ‘American Flyer’ cars, made famous by Lionel Christmas train sets. Perfect for kids who love trains and are in the holiday spirit in late Nov. and early Dec.