Turkey Cake is Real and It Looks Fantastic!

Looking for that eye dropping centerpiece to complete your Thanksgiving or Christmas feasts? Why not add an Ice Cream Turkey Cake from Baskin-Robbins.

Turkey Cake: photo from Baskinrobbins.com

The Turkey shaped cakes can be created with any classic flavor of Baskin-Robbins famous ice cream you desire. Feeling adventurous or want to go with more of a holiday theme, then you might want to request seasonal flavors like Bourbon Street Pecan Pie, Peppermint, Egg Nog, or Winter White Chocolate. Each turkey cake comes with two sugar cone “legs” and a caramel praline topping “glaze.”  After you’ve stuffed yourself with turkey and all the trimmings, there’s really nothing better than a little ice cream to top it all off. Especially if it’s in a cake shaped like a turkey.

If you’re worried about how to go about carving an ice cream cake shaped like a turkey, Baskin-Robbins has made a “How to Carve a Turkey Cake Video”, so you can carve it like a pro to serve up to your family and friends.

The cakes are available to pre-order online at Baskin-Robbins, or in your local Baskin-Robbins store. Since all Turkey Cakes are created and designed in local Baskin-Robbins shops so you can work directly with your local store’s decorator if you have design requests.

The Turkey cakes have been a holiday staple at Baskin-Robbins since the 70’s, with the new very realistic version becoming available about eight years ago.

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Happy Thanksgiving!