This weekly Lake Murray party may be wacky, but it’s for a great cause

Five years ago Wacky Wednesday began as a way for service industry workers, bartenders, wait staff, cooks, and others who work on weekends to be able to enjoy themselves during the week, but has grown into much much more.

Ken Jones was born living on Lake Murray, he grew up living on Lake Murray, and now he makes his living on Lake Murray with his business, Aquafun Boat Rentals and Tours.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Ken Jones has also been my go-to “lake guy” since I started working in this business.

When I’ve ever needed a boat for a story on Lake Murray, Ken has been there. When the news department needs to get out on the lake to cover a story I always say “I got a guy” and Ken makes it happen.

You may recognize Mr. Jones from Palmetto Weekend stories like “Lake Murray Boat Up Restaurants“,”Big Fish Are Biting in Lake Murray“, and our soon to be released new episode of Palmetto Weekend: Outdoor Adventures.

Five summers ago Ken started Wacky Wednesday, a mid-week beach party for people in the restaurant business who generally have their “weekends” in the middle of the week.

This year, Wacky Wednesday, like any truly great idea, has been noticed and has bloomed into something much bigger than just mid-week lake party.

When we filmed this piece, Ken had two sponsors, Pepsi and Carolina Wings, who brought food, soft drinks and swag to the party. Now, just a few Wacky Wednesdays later Ken has picked up 10 more sponsors who he’s asked me to recognize: Carolina Boat Works, Lakeside Roofing LLC, Jimmy John’s, Publix, Jake’s Landing Marina, 50/50 Watersports, WNOK Radio, Robby Robertson BBQ, Liberty Tap Room on the Lake, and Admiral Spiced Rum have all jumped on board the Wacky Wednesday party train.

Now is where it really gets good.

Ken is giving back. Mr. Jones has set up a 501(c)(3) and is taking donations for the charity Homeless No More SC¬†and has decided to use his fleet of boats on the lake to take the programs children out for a day of fun on the lake. If you ask me, that’s how you measure the success of a business.

Ken Jones’ Aquafun Boat Rentals and Tours business is giving back to the Midlands community in a very real way. If you would like to support Ken and Homeless No More, you can contact Ken through his Aquafun Facebook page here.

If you haven’t spent any time on Lake Murray, remember that the lake life is a great life. We’ll see you out there.