Walk among the dinosaurs at the SC State Fair!

These life-like dinosaurs are a must see!

The South Carolina State Fair has a special exhibit that will blow your mind!

The exhibit features life-like dinosaurs, which are scaled nearly true to size, including a Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and even a T-Rex!

These air- and computer-operated models move and roar! The company that designed these models have also created similar models to be used for various films in Hollywood.

Exhibit Manager, Tom Carnes, says that the joy and excitement from children and families was his favorite part of the exhibit in the past. “As a child, you think the world around you is small and this helps them to expand their minds!” The SC State Fair brought in the exhibit in 2015 at no charge.

This exhibit adds an educational and fun option for families in addition to the rides and fair food.

This exhibit is free with regular entry to the fair. Get your tickets to the South Carolina State Fair so that you don’t miss (And you still have time to get them from FRED!)

For more information, visit www.scstatefair.org.