Yes, you should definitely take Hurricane Florence more seriously than these people are

Hurricane Florence is making a slow approach to the North Carolina and South Carolina coasts, and we’re sure you’ve seen the amazing memes on your social media timelines.

Check out some of the memes here, here, and here.
But there are also a number of tongue-in-cheek events popping up on social media that encourage everyone to SAFELY shout to Florence “no thanks,” or “go home, Flo, you’re drunk.”

Check them out in the following list and also check out our continuous coverage of Hurricane Florence and its impacts on South Carolina by clicking here.

Here is a list of some the silly events:

But we do want to emphasize to NOT take this storm lightly. Hurricane Florence is a very large and powerful hurricane, so naturally, yelling at it will not accomplish much.

Take every precaution to be safe as this storm approaches.

Also of note: Hurricane Florence should be taken seriously and going to coastal beaches is NOT the best idea. This storm is creating dangerous and deadly storm surges and will drench the state with rain through the weekend.