Art At The South Carolina State Fair

A local South Carolina artist shares her experience of exhibiting unique artwork at the State Fair.

For local painter Amanda Harmon, the South Carolina State Fair opened a gateway to her creativity.

“The Fair was really just an opportunity by my mother-in-law,” Harmon said. “She was entering some cheese biscuits and wanted me to enter something along with her, and I did, and it gave me incredible confidence to be able to continue forward.”

Harmon developed her own personal style of painting that she uses to create her artwork.

“My style is almost what they call dotting, but it’s really sort of a creation of my own imagination,” Harmon said. “People always seem to remember me as the artist that does the dots.”

Harmon has taken home multiple first and second place ribbons from different categories at the State Fair.

“Every year I look forward to seeing the faces of the people as I bring art in,” Harmon said. “No matter what it is, they always seem to have a smile on their face, and I love the responses that I get.”

This year, Harmon is entering her largest canvas painting to date: a painting of South Carolina that features all of the state’s waterways and coastline.

“It’s South Carolina love, you just have to have it,” Harmon said.  “People who aren’t from here don’t get it, and it’s a deep love.”

Harmon’s appreciation of the State Fair also runs deep.

“I love the State Fair, as a kid we used to go every year,” Harmon said.  “I owe a lot of what I do to the Fair and the confidence it gives me, and the encouragement that they show me every year when I take pieces down.”


Be sure to check out Amanda’s artwork at the 2019 SC State Fair, and on her social media pages!