Authentic Thai Fine Dining Arrives on Main Street Lexington

This isn't your fast food Thai take-out joint. Bodhi will change the way you look at Thai cuisine brought to you by a chef that creates edible art.

I stopped into Bodhi Thai Dining before their official opening to get a real feel for the restaurant. It’s already making Lexingtonians excited and to see if the food and experience were going to be good enough to keep them coming back.

You’ll hear from General Manager, Tim Brown, and Executive Chef and Owner, Nivit Tipvaree in the video above as they talk about their vision for Bodhi but I want to tell you about what I saw (and tasted) behind the scenes.

Upon arriving at Bodhi, I was greeted by Mr. Brown and his front of house staff preparing the dining room for the opening.  Brown, settled for nothing less than perfection, a table linen with creases from the manufacturer was steamed flat on site, every piece of silverware was carefully placed a specific distance from the edge of the table, glassware was polished till spotless and polished again, even the chairs were placed the perfect distance from the table.

Tim Brown knows what it takes to run an award-winning dining establishment and that is his goal, along with Nivit, to bring award-winning dining to Main Street Lexington.

Speaking of Mr. Tipvaree, while I was interviewing Mr. Brown, Nivit was in his brand new kitchen preparing me a taste of Bodhi’s menu.

We started with the pork belly steamed bun appetizer, the airy, house-made, steamed bun paired magically with the delicately cooked pork belly.

Then the entree, a deconstructed Massaman curry with perfectly tender sliced chicken breast, mashed potatoes and a carrot reduction.

Chef Tipvaree finished his menu preview with a bang, a traditional Thai taro custard with house-made coffee gelato.

Rather than describe the tastes of each of these dishes like the food journalist I am not, I want to share with you how these dishes shaped my opinion of fine dining.

To me, fine dining isn’t just a fancy dining room, white-gloved wait staff, and expensive checks. Fine dining is the magic when the front of house perfection and back of house skill and experience combine to create a product that is greater than the sum of its parts – and that experience is worth every penny.

But don’t take my word for it, check out Bodhi Thai Dining for yourself now…. I would make a reservation.

-Ryan Burgee

After a few months of being open, we called to check in on our friends at Bodhi. They have announced new happy hour specials Tuesday through Thursday 5 pm to 7 pm with $5 appetizers
They highly recommended reservations, especially on the weekends, you can make yours and get more information on Bodhi by clicking below.

Bodhi Thai Dining is located at 126 E. Main St. Lexington,  SC 29072