What the heck is a “Cinnamonster”?

To celebrate the one year anniversary, on June 17th Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli will be giving a free Cinnamonster to the very first customer and free cinnamon rolls to the first 100!

Now THAT is one monster cinnamon roll!

(Photo credit: www.cinnamonrolldeli.com)

Owner Jody Kreush gave us a look (and taste) of her new cafe on Devine Street, The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli.

Jody Kreush, who owns the cinnamon roll deli with her son Richard, tells us that on a trip to Hawaii she tasted an amazing cinnamon roll and began to work for years perfecting her own recipe.

You will fall in love with Jody’s cinnamon rolls with a visit to the deli, too!

Whether you order your own large cinnamon roll plain or with any available toppings, or you try one of their delicious sandwiches, (each served with pita chips and a small cinnamon roll), you can’t go wrong at this quaint little cafe on Devine Street.

Stop by and try a roll, sandwich, and some of their homemade chili or a refreshing mimosa or ice cold beer!


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