Fixing a Broken Window Screen – Palmetto Weekend Warrior

If you have a house that needs repairs, chances are it's cheaper to do it yourself. Start by fixing your door screens on your own with some help from Willingham and Sons. Only a few tools are necessary, and it can be done fairly quickly. For more information, visit

Erica Roberts from Willingham and Sons shows us how to repair a screen for a door! Do it yourself with help from Willingham and Sons.

Hey everyone I’m Erica Roberts from Willingham and Sons building supply; I’m gonna teach you how to re-screen the screen today so stay tuned.

There’s five easy steps to replace your screen: you’re gonna pull the spline out, pull the old screen out and then cut your new screen and replace your spline, and then you will have to cut the excess.

You’re gonna need a few tools to replace your screen: you need a razor blade, screw-driver and a screen tool. We sell all of these at our store. Going to start removing this one now, you can just take your time and remove it all the way around easy as possible because if you don’t break your spline you can reuse your spline.

For the screen: you can pick up this one here at our store also we sell it by the foot. Then you’re just gonna pop your old screen out and I’m always gentle with that because you don’t wanna leave excess spline down in there. Use a screwdriver to remove it now you’re going to get your roll of screen out and we also sell the spring here at the store and we sell it by the foot.

Then you just wanna cut it… Actually you just very easily push down and roll it into the screen, then you’re going to need your screwdriver just to make your corner then you just keep rolling all the way around whenever you get to the side and you get the sod when you’re on the last two you want to try and put your hand on it hold it steady so you get some of the logs out of it.As you’re pushing it back in you just wanna cut it off at the end.

Andd here’s your new screen and you can get all the tools and supplies that you need at Willingham and Sons Building Supply at 6807 South Carolina Highway 219 in Newberry South Carolina at 803276125. Thanks for watching.