Is there a Hidden Gem in your Comic Book Collection?

Soda City Comic Con is set to take over the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on Saturday, August 10th and Sunday, August 11th.  Before the big event, we stopped by Heroes and Dragons to talk with the store’s owner, Jorg Hohmann, about how to find hidden gems in your comic book collection.

“A lot of people think that any old comic book is worth a lot of money…and that is not always true,” Jorg said.

Jorg showed us examples of common signs of wear and tear that can greatly decrease the value of even the rarest comic books.  Bent corners, creases, and even rust from staples can all knock down how much your comic is worth.

“Even having an important comic book, a major key as we call it in the industry, doesn’t always mean that you also have a very valuable comic book,” Jorg said.  He then illustrated what he meant by showing us two exact copies of the same rare comic but in very different conditions.  The worn, sun-bleached copy was valued at $25, while the well-preserved, near mint copy, was valued between $150 to $200.

Next, Jorg explained the comic grading process, which assigns your comic a grade based on its condition and encases your book in a protective covering.  Taking this extra step of certification also increases the value of your comic.

Comics aren’t the only classics worth some serious dough.  Jorg showed us how toys and action figures can also bring in the cash.  Jorg walked us through the different grading processes used to assess action figures, which is similar to the comic book grading process.

If you think you may have some hidden treasure in your comic book collection, be sure to visit Jorg at his booth at Soda City Comic Con, or at Heroes and Dragons in Columbia, now at their new location 1807 Bush River Road.

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