Looking to Send a Gift That Stinks? You Can Now Send a Fart in a Jar

Looking to send a message with your Christmas gift this year? Maybe you want to liven things up and bring the joy that only a good fart joke can.  Sendajart.com wants to help you with a “Fart in a Jar” or jart as they call it. According to their website the odor in the jart won’t knock you out but you can smell it when you open the jar. Your jart comes in a jar “made of 100% real glass” and the fart is made of “100% real odor.”

It probably says a lot about your relationship if you’re ordering a jart for someone you know, but I’m not here to judge as I can neither confirm nor deny purchasing of jarts this Christmas. According to their website ordering is quick and easy. When ordering your jart, the first thing you need to do is choose your smell. Some of the smells you can select are, “Fat Man in a Red Suit,” “8-hour trucker,” “competitive eater,” “hungover frat boy,” and “world of warcrafter.” Once you pick the smell, you can add a message to be included in the jar, or you can just send the jart anonymously.  Then you pay $10 plus shipping and your jart is on its way. The website says if you order before December 18 you jar should be delivered in time for Christmas.

At this point, I’m sure you have tons of questions. Perhaps the FAQ at SendaJart.com has the answers you’ve been sniffing around for.

1) Is this real? As close to real as a fart in a jar can get. Our clients love our product and we do everything to make sure our clients are happy with what we deliver!

2) Where does the fart come from? Our secret method. Would you ask the colonel to divulge his secrets? Don’t worry, it’s not flammable and it’s non-toxic.

3) What comes in a jart? A fart. Plus, a customized note that says whatever you want.

Can I send a jart anonymously? Yes! They won’t know who sent it unless you want to sign your name to the note. Nothing short of a court order will unseal our cheeks.

5) How long does the smell last? 7-10 days depending on temperature and nostril flow.  This includes shipment time.

6) What’s your shipment time? We ship first class package in the US via USPS.  USPS says 1-3 days.

7) How bad does it stink? It won’t knock you out but you sure as hell can smell it when you open the jar.

I’m guessing if you send a jart to that one person on your list that’s impossible to buy for and always says, “Just surprise me. I’ll be happy with whatever.” They’ll be very specific in what they would like from now on.