Lunch Meet at Tiffany’s

For more than 40 years, Tiffany’s Bakery has been a Columbia favorite for cakes, sweet treats and deli eats, and now they’re expanding to a brand-new location. The Lunch Meet crew was treated to a grand tour of their new place!

“We started as a small bakery in Columbia Mall in 1977, and in 1991 we moved to our old location, which was 8502 Two Notch Road,” said Tiffany’s Co-owner James McMillan. “Now we just moved into a brand-new 7800-square-foot facility.”

Tiffany’s is beloved in the Midlands and beyond for their signature petit fours, and their new location allows them to bake up more than ever before.

“We did 255,000 last year, and we’re averaging about 1,200 a day at the new location,” said Tiffany’s Co-owner Kay McMillan.

And while Tiffany’s is famous for what comes in their signature white boxes with red ribbons, they’re thinking outside the box at their new location.

“We have a revamped deli menu, a revamped breakfast menu, we also have a bar now that serves craft beer and wine,” said James McMillan.

Tiffany’s updated deli menu features their new Three Napkin Burgers, which includes one that’s fit for a “King.”

“We have what we call a Gray Elvis. It has peanut butter, bananas and candied bacon on it,” James said. “It is a fantastic burger. Every single customer is skeptical when they buy it first, and then they all tell me that they will be back for that one very soon.”

“It’s crazy, I taste the peanut butter, I taste the banana,” Clint said after biting into the Gray Elvis. “I didn’t think it would be good on a burger, but it’s delicious.”

Another exciting new burger is the Banh Mi, which features a special beef and pork blended patty, shredded carrots, cucumber, radish, cilantro and serrano pepper slaw topped with sriracha mayonnaise.

Jared’s eyes lit up as he sampled the Banh Mi. “I felt the kick, I felt the burn of the sriracha mayo,” Jared said. “It’s so good though, it’s delicious.”

To cool things down, the guys wet their whistles with some craft beers from Tiffany’s new bar, the Meeting Place.

“I have 23 beers on tap, all from local breweries,” James said. “We try to implement as much as we possibly can that’s local around us so that we can make people happy and let them try some new stuff.”

To try out all of the new eats and treats from Tiffany’s, pay them a visit at their new location at 9704 Two Notch Road!