Lunch Meet Episode 10: Ally and Eloise Bakeshop

In honor of Clint’s birthday, the guys turned this episode of Lunch Meet into Lunch Treat and visited Ally and Eloise Bakeshop in Forest Acres.

Aleka (Ally) Selig first opened the bakeshop in April of 2012 with her “silent partner” Eloise.

“She (Eloise) is the French Bulldog.  She’s our family dog, so when I was trying to figure out a name for the place I was like, ‘oh this will be cute, people love dogs,’” Ally said.  “She doesn’t boss me around.  I can have like a silent partner that people think is funny, so that’s what I did.”

Since 2012, Ally has been baking up sweet treats that folks in Columbia can’t keep their paws off.

From her signature carrot cake to custom wedding and birthday cakes to macarons and “baby cakes” (their version of petit fours), everything from Ally and Eloise Bakeshop is pretty doggone good!

“I like to bake everything.  I like to change up the recipes, make different versions of the basics,” Ally said.  “I just like the whole process.  It’s very therapeutic for me.”

Clint got to sample a “crazy bar,” which is one of their unique creations that has a little bit of everything baked inside.

“There is a lot going on!  I feel like I had an M&M, peanuts, and it’s kind of marbled,” Clint said after taking a bite.  “It’s very tasty.  It’s crazy good!”

Jared dug into a piece of Ally’s signature Carrot Cake and was engulfed by the fresh, natural flavors.

“It is really good,” Jared said.  “I taste the carrot…and I do taste pineapple in there, it’s so good.”

“I have a lot of people who are like, ‘I don’t like carrot cake. It’s not my favorite thing,’ and then they eat ours and they’re like, ‘now it’s my thing,’” Ally said.  “It’s an awesome compliment to us.”

Over the past seven years, the only thing sweeter than the treats from Ally and Eloise has been their customers.

“Everyone has been very sweet and very supportive,” Ally said.  “I’ve really enjoyed all the people I’ve gotten to meet.  Our customers are awesome!”

To try some sweet treats from Ally and Eloise Bakeshop for yourself, stop by their main location in Forest Acres (5209 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC), or their Main Street location in downtown Columbia (1626 Main Street, Columbia, SC)!