Lunch Meet Episode 12: Yummi Crab

The Lunch Meet crew recently visited Yummi Crab, a new seafood restaurant at the Village at Sandhill in Northeast Columbia. Yummi Crab offers a unique dining experience where digging in and using your claws is highly encouraged!

“This is an experience different from any other restaurant,” said Yummi Crab General Manager Wei Qju. “When you sit down you have to work to get the food.  Our idea is to have your phone down and your bibs up, and really submerge with the food and the people that you’re with.  It’s that experience that excites us to see that smile on the customers face.”

Right away you’ll notice that the food arrives to the table a little differently at Yummi Crab, and it’s by design.

“The food is served within a bag. The goal with that is to steam the food with the seasoning,” Wei Qju said.  “When you open it, it’s like opening a little gift.  When you open it up and pull out the food it’s a form of presentation, and when you dig in it’s all that experience and all that fun.”

Yummi Crab has a vast array of seafood options on the menu.  From crab legs and lobster tails, to mussels and clams, to shrimp, it all gets steam cooked with a seasoning of your choice.  They even have their own special blend called the Yummi Special.

“Yummi Special is a combination of Cajun seasoning, garlic butter, and lemon pepper, so in terms of flavor it has quite a bit of depth to it so the initial taste and the after taste will be very complex,” said Wei Qju.

“These legs are easy to crack, and the meat just slides right out perfectly,” Clint said after cracking into a snow crab leg.  “The meat is so sweet and juicy.  It really is yummy!”

But if you’re looking for more of a Southern flavor, they also offer plenty of fried options including shrimp, catfish, oysters and tilapia.

“We hand batter all of the fried options,” Wei Qju said. “We fry it and it’s all fresh.  All the seasoning and fry flour that we use is all proprietary to Yummi.”

Jared dug into a fried shrimp basket and found it to be the ideal lunch choice.  “The fried baskets are perfect for a small lunch or if you just want a quick grab-n-go, this is the way to go,” Jared said.

Try Yummi Crab for yourself and you’ll find out that it is all it’s cracked up to be!

Yummi Crab is located at 150 Forum Drive inside the Village at Sandhill in Northeast Columbia.