The Columbia Greek Festival | Lunch Meet

The Lunch Meet guys head to Columbia's Greek Festival.

This year marks the 33rd year for Columbia’s Greek Festival, and the Lunch Meet crew dropped by to sample the fantastic Greek cuisine.

Jared and Clint were showered with a full array of Greek food including gyros, keftedes, lamb chops, Mediterranean pizza, calamari, and baklava.

At the gyros stand, the guys met the “Chairman of the Gyro” John Metropol, who has been cooking gyros at the festival every year since it began.  “We just make them as fast as we can,” John said.  “It’s our most popular thing here.  We go through 20,000 sandwiches.”

Clint enjoyed the gyros so much that he deemed them “Super Gyros.”  “Its superpower is that it tastes really, really good,” Clint said.

The guys were also presented with a box full of Greek pastries from their festival guide Robert Stewart.  They had a tough time remembering the names of each treat, so Jared offered some helpful advice.  “It doesn’t matter (what its name is),” Jared said.  “If it’s good just eat it, and it is good!”

Besides the authentic Greek Food, the festival also offers traditional Greek music and folk dancing, and shops featuring Greek jewelry, ceramics, and artwork.

“I feel it’s a village, and I feel it’s a touch of Greece,” said Greek Festival Director Mary Rickman.  “If you’ve never been to Greece and you want to go, come to the Greek Festival.”

Don’t miss your chance to be Greek for the week!  Visit the Greek Festival at 1931 Sumter Street from Thursday, September 19th through Sunday, September 22nd and enjoy the festivities!