Lunch Meet Episode 8.5: 929 Kitchen and Bar Drinks and Desserts

Recently the Lunch Meet crew visited 929 Kitchen and Bar, and after lunch they were treated to some delectable desserts and sensational craft cocktails.

Clint sampled 929 Kitchen and Bar’s Busan Sunburn in February, which is a cocktail made up of Cutty Sark Prohibition Scotch, Cherry Heering, Orgeat syrup, lime juice, and 929’s house made pineapple syrup, and a cinnamon stick.

“It’s garnished with a cinnamon stick, and as that flavor sits it continues to change the flavor profile of the cocktail,” 929 Bar Manager Corey Norrell said.

“It does kind of taste like a sunburn in February,” Clint said.  “It’s nice and chilled, but the cinnamon really does warm it up a lot.”


Jared tried out the Piña Para La Niña, which is made up of Altos Reposado Tequila, Mezcal, 929’s house made hibiscus, sage, and roasted poblano syrup, house made pineapple syrup, lime juice, egg white, and garnished with a chili-dusted pineapple wedge with harissa and elder wood spoked sea salt on the rim.

“If I’m going fruity drink, I’m going like full fruity, so it’s got to be super sweet,” Jared said before taking a sip.  “I really like that.  It has a different taste after a second.”


The guys also dug into some delicious sweet treats like 929’s signature Hotteok with ice cream and their Chocolate Hazelnut Eclairs.

“Hotteok is basically a chewy, cinnamon, brown sugar pancake and we top it with chocolate syrup and matcha powder,” 929 Manager Karen Choe said.


“It almost tastes like coffee,” Clint said after sinking his teeth into a Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair.  “It’s like a cappuccino cupcake.”


To give 929’s craft cocktails and desserts a try, pay them a visit at 929 Gervais Street in Columbia’s Vista, and catch them for their happy hour special between 4pm and 6pm daily!

For more information, visit 929 Kitchen and Bar’s website: