Lunch Meet Episode 9: Bill & Fran’s

The Lunch Meet crew recently visited Bill & Fran’s, where they found tasty, stomach-filling Southern dishes and a heart-filling history of one of Newberry’s favorite restaurants.

Bill and Fran White first opened Bill & Fran’s in 1976, and for the couple the restaurant business was truly a labor of love.

“We had both just done restaurant work even before we got married, but we actually met working in a restaurant, so it was a natural thing and we both really enjoyed it,” Fran White said.

More than 42 years later, Bill & Fran’s is still serving the hearty, tasty meals that keep Newberry locals and travelers from all over coming back again and again.  And although Bill has passed on, his legacy lives on through his food, especially his signature “Bill Burger.”

“He was fixing himself a sandwich, so he put the hamburger patty on, and then he got his bun, and then he just started putting everything on it,” Fran said.  “Some of our customers were sitting at the counter behind him watching him, and they would come in later on asking for a ‘Bill Burger,’ they wanted Bill’s Burger.”

And who wouldn’t want a “Bill Burger?”  It comes towering with three strips of Hickory smoked bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and is all topped off with hash browns.

Bill and Fran’s son Billy and daughter-in-law Dana own the restaurant nowadays, and they keep the restaurant’s fan favorite recipes, like their House Omelet, as fresh and tasty as they’ve always been.

“Our House Omelet has a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink in there,” Dana White said.

Composed of three country fresh eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, American cheese, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and jalapenos, the House Omelet really does have it all.

“I try to cook for people like I would cook for my own family at home,” Dana said.  “We love the people of Newberry, and I love to cook, so it fits.”

To try Bill & Fran’s delicious Southern food for yourself, stop in and pay them a visit at the intersection of Highway 34 and Interstate 26 in Newberry!

Address: 11724 SC-34, Newberry, SC 29108

Phone: 803-276-6888