Doughnut Burgers, Fiske Fries, and Apple Dumplings at the South Carolina State Fair!: Lunch Meet Episode 7.5

The Lunch Meet crew made their way to the Midway for the 149th South Carolina State Fair. Jared, Clint, and special guest Jada Samuel (from Palmetto Weekend) were on a mission to sample the new food items that were introduced for the first time at this year’s fair along with some traditional fair favorites.

Jared and Clint from Lunch Meet tackled the brand-new Frito Chili Pie Burger, which was overflowing with chili and Fritos corn chips.  “It tastes like a taco burger,” Clint said, while Jared added, “I’d definitely get this again.”

Jada went with a fair favorite that was introduced a few years back, the donut burger.  “I love anything with donuts,” Jada exclaimed.

The whole gang split a big cup of longtime fair favorite Fiske French Fries to go along with their burgers.

Doughnut burger!
The Doughnut burger! (Not for the faint of heart)

While walking around, Lunch Meet ran into a familiar face; none other than Brett from Labrasca’s! He was serving up fresh “everything but anchovies” slices from his Leaning Tower food truck! (To see our episode on Labrasca’s restaurant, click here:
For dessert, the trio dug into another new 2018 offering: Apple Dumplings, which come with Red Delicious apples baked inside a flaky pie crust, covered in caramel cinnamon sauce, and served with vanilla ice cream.

apple dumpling
Apple Dumplings at the SC State Fair! Spoiler Alert: They’re delicious.

The gang fed their sweet tooth further with another new sweet treat: Maple Cotton Candy, which is hand-spun with real maple sugar.

To give all these new fair foods a try for yourself, visit the SC State Fair which runs from Wednesday, October 10th through Sunday, October 21st.