M Vista – Lunch Meet

This week on Lunch Meet, we visit M Vista...one of the most popular Asian fusion resteraunts in the Midlands! Watch as we venture through their menu of sushi and Mongolian beef as well as learn about the history of their unique flavors.

The Lunch Meet crew recently visited M Vista, which is one of Columbia’s premiere Asian Fusion restaurants.

M Vista first opened its doors in 2008, and has been delighting customers with fresh sushi, entrees and drinks ever since.

“To me, M stands for Miracle,” M Vista Co-owner Michelle Wang Cao said. “I was not trained as a businesswoman and I wasn’t trained to be a chef, and my husband was an engineer, but God put us together working the restaurant where we can interact with thousands of people a day. That’s really a miracle.”

What’s also amazing is how M Vista comes up with the delectable dishes on its expansive menu.

“We traveled all over the world and visited hundreds of restaurants all over China, Japan, and this country,” said M Vista Co-owner Rui Cao. “On top of that, we hire chefs from big cities like New York and Chicago, so when they come over they’re going to bring whatever dishes they used to make in their old restaurants. So, it’s kind of a melting pot.”

The Lunch Meet crew had the opportunity to sample some of M Vista’s most popular dishes.

Clint started things off with the Thai Basil beef. “Mine is very savory, but with a little bit of a Southwest flavor to it,” Clint said.

Mongolian Beef.

“This is seasoned just beautifully,” Jared said after taking a bite of Mongolian beef. “I’ve never had Mongolian beef that has such a kick to it.”

M Vista also serves the freshest Sushi and Sashimi straight from the boat to your plate.

sushi and sashimi
A boat of sushi from V Vista.

“Mmm, tastes like it’s straight from the ocean,” Clint said after eating a piece of yellowtail sushi.

“Ooh it’s good,” Jared said after sampling the bluefin tuna sushi. “I’ve never had that taste before, it’s good.”

No matter what you choose, every dish from M Vista is mmm good. And that’s what keeps customers coming back time and time again.

“I really want to say thank you to my wonderful customers over the years,” Michelle said. “They have become like part of our family.”

Owners Rui and Michelle Wang Cao.

Visit M Vista on Lady Street in Columbia and become part of the M Family!