Palmetto Weekend Outdoor Adventures: Camping on Lake Murray with Lester’s RV

For some, camping and enjoying the great outdoors, is more than just a hobby. It's a lifestyle. An RV is a great way to live your best life if you're into the camping lifestyle.

If you’re going to film a series called “Outdoor Adventures” and enjoy the great outdoors, then you want a partner that understands that lifestyle.
Lester’s RV is that perfect partner. In this episode of Palmetto Weekend’s Outdoor Adventures, Lester’s RV and Camper Sales hooked us up with a sweet Forest River Flagstaff Superlite fifth-wheel camper and we took it to Dreher Island State Park to see what the camper life was all about.

First off, the Flagstaff Superlite is amazing. It has everything you would want or need in a full-size house except you can hook this to your truck and take it wherever you want. There are the normal amenities you would expect in a camper, like a bedroom and a kitchen with room to sit down and eat. As one who has never experienced time in a camper, I was also surprised to see a big screen tv, an entertainment center, and a fireplace. Outside, we even found a pullout gas grilling area.  Call it glamping if you will, but for us, we’ll call it living free.

Once you get your camper from the wonderful people at Lester’s RV and Camper Sales, the fun begins.  Campsites with power and water hookups at Dreher Island cost us around $30 a night (try finding a hotel room for that price) and you would be hard-pressed to find a campsite that charges much more than that for a night’s stay.

At the end of the day, we were able to set up our camper in just a few minutes, have a great time on Lake Murray with our good friends at Aquafun Boat Rentals, grab a bite to eat at one of Lake Murray’s many great boat-up restaurants and bring it back to our awesome camper to enjoy time with family and friends. Another great perk to the RV/camper life is the people you meet at these campsites. Our “neighbors” were super friendly and even offered a power adapter we needed to plug our camper into Dreher Island’s power supply.

If you feel like the camper life is the life for you, give our friends a call at Lester’s RV and Camper Sales today. Lester’s is going to get you set up with a camper or RV that meets your budget and lifestyle and make you feel happy about your purchase.

Check out Lester’s RV and Camper Sales’ website by clicking the logo below.

We’ll see you on the next episode of Palmetto Weekend’s Outdoor Adventures!