There’s a little bit of nostalgia and a lot of fun at The Monetta Drive-In

Where else can you see TWO movies from the comfort of your car or lawn chair for under $10 a person?

The drive-in movie theatre’s hay-day may have passed but you wouldn’t know it by spending a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night at the “Big MO.”
The Monetta Drive-In features three massive, outdoor screens each playing a double feature with the main screen usually featuring kid-friendly movies.

We all know, it’s generally a massive faux pas to make too much noise at the typical movie theater. At the “Big MO,” it’s perfectly reasonable to see kids running around, playing together before the movie begins and during intermission (The “Big MO” even has a playground at their main screen.) As you enter the drive-in complex you will turn your car’s radio to the specific station for your screen and all movie audio will come through your car’s stereo.

Now, let’s talk money. You can see TWO feature films for $9 per ticket! You don’t have to hide outside food in your purse or jacket…  it’s allowed! (Grilling, alcohol, and any glass bottles are not allowed.)  There is a concession stand but you won’t spend $50 dollars to feed the family. You can’t buy the experience!

At the “Big MO” we wanted to really get the full experience and bring the whole family. It was truly a blast.

If you’re looking for a great movie experience and don’t mind a short drive from Columbia, the Monetta Drive-In is the place to be!

Find more information on the Monetta Drive-In Movie Theatre, including what’s showing, ticket prices, and special event days at the “Big Mo’s” website by clicking on the image below.
The Monetta Drive in Projector Room